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Cagliari-Verona, Colley: «Felice per il gol, dispiace per la sfortunata sconfitta»

NAPOLI ROMA DI BELLO SERIES A – Marco Di Bello will referee the big match between Naples and Rome on the ninth day, which will be postponed to San Paolo on Sunday at 8.45 pm. Calvarese, helped by Peretti, would be tasked with managing the VAR. The assistants were Tegoni and Bindelli. The fourth man was Manganiello.

With Roma before

The Brindisi whistle with Roma has 18 precedents. A very positive score given the wins of the 13 Giallorossi. In the 5 remaining games, 3 ties and 2 losses. Di Bello just crossed Roma at the Olimpico with Juventus in 2-2 this season, with the Giallorossi struggling to hold the lead despite the extra man (Rabiot was expelled). We recall the Inter 2-2 draw last season and the loss in Turin against the Grenade 2-0. Before these two results, with the 39-year-old referee, Roma had 10 straight wins.

The Napoli Precedents
The findings are good for Napoli, even more so than the pattern with the Giallorossi: 10 out of Di Bello’s previous 12 victories. This time, it coincided with a 4-1 win over Atalanta. Curiously, in the remaining precedents, the only two defeats happened last season, all inside the walls of San Paolo. 1-2 against Parma and 0-1 in Cagliari’s favour.

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