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KUMBULLA: “La Lazio? Quando ha chiamato la Roma non ho esitato. Le parole di Pedro ci spingono a fare di più”

Marash Kumbulla, the new Giallorossi signer, who persuaded Juventus in his Juventus debut, spoke at a press conference this afternoon where he introduced himself to his new fans. Here are the reporters’ questions and the Roma defender’s answers:

Young defensive line, is that an obligation or an impetus?

“It’s an extra encouragement for me. We are young, but we have shown that we are united and centered, it’s also an additional incentive for the future, we can develop being young. Without realizing that there are others as well.”

Pedro spoke of the Champions League as the minimum target.

“Pedro is an extremely accomplished international player, and his words inspire us to do more to develop and get as far as possible.”

How worried are you about the number of positives growing?

“We’re talking about that, but I’m sure about the actions we’re taking in Trigoria. We’re not worried about that.”

To have Smalling as a companion, how necessary would it be?
“He has a career full of successes and victories. To strengthen our cohesion, I think only of my comrades that I have now.”

When you learned you were going to go to Roma, what did you think?

“I was very excited, it was a very quick thing. I didn’t hesitate, for the club, the city and the supporters, obviously. It was easy to select. It was difficult to leave Verona, but I took a qualitative leap.”

For Zubiria: what did you love about Kumbulla?

“He had a significant season at Verona, because last Sunday he showed his features, personality, character. The investment is in line with the goals of the business.”

How close have you been to Lazio, and how pleased are you to be here?

“We were talking about a lot of clubs, but I was super pleased when Roma called me when I didn’t hesitate.”

You’re a center-left right-footer, is that your favourite position?
“I can play defense anywhere, anywhere the coach puts me.”

What are the variations between Juric and Fonseca that you see?

“The distinction is tactical between the two. You operate like a man with Juric, you mark like a man. It is a departmental defense with Fonseca.”


What do you feel you have to work on?

“In my opinion, in all and always, but in the world and on the poor foot, I believe I can change.”


You had a special debut, so what did you feel like?

“For the debut, I was very pleased, it was fun to play against Juventus. But there’s also a bit of disappointment, we didn’t manage to get the three points we deserved to win.”

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